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5G smartphones will be crucial in changing mobile communication norms among users who have access to them. 5G is capable of transmitting data roughly 10 to 100 times faster than 4G, the current standard, and this ability of 5G will support a wide range of IoT-connected devices, enhance VR and AR experiences, and enable faster and more reliable mobile video.
It won't be until 2022 when 5G smartphone shipments will reach an estimated 600 million units, accounting for 31% of the global market

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OmniVision (
Consumers are relying on their smartphone cameras to capture and share life’s moments: selfies with friends, children’s birthday parties, sporting events, and travel experiences… the list goes on.
As the smartphone replaces stand-alone cameras as consumers’ camera of choice, the bar has been raised significantly for imaging technologies.
Goodix (
Fresco Logic is the leading developer in providing advanced I/O silicon that deliver highly efficient connectivity such as USB 3.1, F-One Aggregation, USB Type-C, USB Video, and USB Power Delivery for next-generation consumer electronics, mobile, and industrial IoT.
Today, Over One Billion USB3.0/1 ports in the world has adopted Fresco Logic technology.
Visualon (
VisualOn is a pioneer in video software technology, with many years of experience working with the world’s top device makers and streaming video service providers. VisualOn is unique in offering our customers two distinct video platforms to better tailor solutions to the needs of customers.