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The medical markets for endoscopy imaging solutions are growing rapidly, driven by a need for minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, socioeconomic trends such as an aging population, and rising medical costs that are pushing procedures back into the physician’s office. Single-use endoscopes and catheters can have advantages over reusable devices that can have sterilization issues.
Neurological, ophthalmic, cardiac, spinal, urologic and gynecologic imaging procedures require small-outer-diameter endoscopes. Ultra-small CMOS imagers allow chip-on-the-tip designs with higher resolution, better image quality and lower cost than fiber optics.

Eplus Solution:

OmniVision (
OmniVision’s OVMed ISP is a cost-effective, optimized image signal processor (ISP) solution that provides customers with a quick time-to-market option in a compact, configurable, low-power design form factor that integrates easily into the customer’s system.