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▩ Commercial Surveillance System
Commercial surveillance systems require high-resolution compression technology to capture and transmit crystal-clear 4K video and perform video analytics. Sensor Developer portfolio of processing chips and high-resolution sensors is designed with these demands in mind.
▩ Smart-Home Monitoring System
Smart-home monitoring systems comprising battery-operated wireless cameras benefit from OmniVision’s high-resolution, lower-power and high-sensitivity image sensors. These sensors also support advanced features such as HDR, fast frame rate, facial recognition and RGB-IR technology.
▩ Battery Doorbell Cam
Battery-powered doorbell cameras need to capture scenes in varied lighting conditions so that both foreground and background are visible, eliminating the silhouette effect. PureCel® image sensors provide high sensitivity and full well capacity for higher dynamic range.

Eplus Solution:

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Consumers are relying on their smartphone cameras to capture and share life’s moments: selfies
the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT), surveillance cameras are no longer limited to enterprise applications such as airports, train stations, banks and office buildings. Instead, they have become an integral part of retail establishments, smart cities and smart homes for the purposes of gathering and analyzing Big Data.