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  Driving State Monitoring Alarming System
졸음방지시스템은 차 내부에 장착한 적외선 카메라로 운전자의 눈동자 움직임과
안면 근육의 변화를 통해 운전자의 상태를 파악한다.
이 때 운전자의 눈 깜박임과 얼굴 방향 패턴을 측정해 정상 상태가 아닐 때는 경고음을 울리고 특정 위치에 강한 진동을 줌으로써 졸음운전을 하는 운전자에게 사고 위험 경고를 알리는 장치이다.

▩ Stats Caused by Drowsy Driving

▩ Mounted Photos

▩ Names/Functions of Each Part
  • Operation status LED : for display of such statuses as the driver’s drowsiness, negligence in keeping eyes forward, and movement of the face beyond the detectable range (in green/blue/red)
  • Camera lens : for monitoring of the driver's driving condition in real time
  • GPS Status LED : for display of the status of GPS signals (only when the optional GPS cable is connected)
    - White LED ON being ready to log on with GPS signal
    - White LED blinking : waiting for log on, but GPS connected
    - White LED OFF : no GPS signal
  • Infrared LED : for detecting the driver's face at the dark nights and the tunnels with the LED lights
  • Function switch : for control of the volume and the sensitivity
    - A short press is for control of the volume (Mute/1~4 step)
    - A long press is for control of the sensitivity (High: Level 3; Middle: Level 2; Low: Level 1)
  • USB Port : for connection of various USB accessories (incl. LED warning light/vibrator) and for update of F/W
  • I/O Port : for interface with an external GPS and other external devices (car DVRs and navigators, etc.)
  • Power socket : for connection to the cigarette power cable (DC12/24V)
▩ Recommended Mounts

▩ Detectable Ranges
  • (a) ‘Drowsiness’ range : 30 degree each (left and right, up and down) away from the state of looking straight ahead
  • (b) ‘Negligence in looking forward’ range : 30~60 degrees toward either side from the state of looking straight ahead
  • (c) ‘Face departure’ range : 60 degree toward either side from the state of looking straight ahead