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3.2V 100Ah CATL LiFePO4 Battery cell with screws for easy connection

▩ Module
▩ Nominal Voltage
▩ Nominal Capacity
▩ Internal Resistance
▩ Dimension
▩ Weight
▩ Parameters
Item Parameters
Typical capacity 100 Ah
Operating voltage 2.5~3.65V
Impedance (1KHz) 0.39±0.05mΩ
Shipping capacity 40±1Ah
Residual capacity ≤3.5%
Operating Temperature range Charging: 0~55℃, Discharging: -30~55℃
Storage Temperature -30~60℃
Standard charge current 0.5C
Max. continuous charge current 1C
Standard discharge current 0.5C
Maximum discharge current (continuous) 1C
Typical dimension(W*H*T) 200.33*172.2*33.22±0.5mm
Weight 2.27±0.30Kg
▩ Details
Now we provide the specially customized 100Ah 3.2V CATL LiFePO4 Battery cell with screws for easy connection. It has long cycle life, high energy density and a wide operating temperature range.

CATL New LiFePO4 Battery 280Ah Prismatic Cell

CATL (Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited) is a Chinese battery manufacturer that produces lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles and energy storage systems. The CATL 280Ah battery is a high-capacity lithium-ion battery that is designed for use in energy storage systems.

CATL 3.2V 280Ah lithium iron phosphate LiFePO4 battery is a new model with an aluminum case produced by CATL, a leading lithium battery supplier from China; this battery cell has a super long cycle life of more than 12000times, have a stable performance used for ESS(energy storage system). All the cells we provide are brand new grade A with test report and all kinds of certifications.
▩ CATL 280Ah Battery cell performance
1. This model is 280Ah model, With intact QR code and brand new grade A cell.
2. The 280ah cell's terminal has been welded with bolts for easy connection, and we provide free busbars.
3. The cell has a maximum cycle life of 12000times.
4. All batteries are tested before shipment, and the test report is provided
▩ Specifications
Item Parameters
Nominal Capacity 280Ah
Nominal Voltage 3.2 V
Internal Resistance ≤0.18mΩ
Charging (CC-CV) Continuous Charging Current 1C
Maximum Charging Current 3C
Charging Upper Limit Voltage 3.65V
Discharging Continuous Discharging Current 1C
Maximum Discharging Current 3C
Discharging Cut-off Voltage 2.5V
Recommended SOC Usage Windom SOC: 10%~90%
Operation Thermal Ambient Charging 0°C ~ 65°C
Discharging -35°C ~ 65°C
Storage Thermal Ambient Short-term (within 1 month) -20°C ~ 65°C
Long term (within 1 year) -20°C ~ 55°C
Storage Humidity < 70%
Battery Weight Around 5.34kg
Shell Material Aluminum
Cell Dimensions 207 x 174 x 72 mm

CATL 3.2V 306Ah LiFePO4 Prismatic Battery Cell With More than 4000 cycles

▩ Capacity
▩ Voltage nominal
▩ Chemistry
LiFePO4 (lithium ion phosphate)
▩ Operating Voltage
▩ Internal Resistance
▩ Dimensions
▩ Weight
CATL 306Ah LFP LiFePO4 battery cells can meet the needs of high-energy density and long distance travel, as well as safety and reliability. It has been widely applied to battery electric vehicles(BEV), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles(PHEV), hybrid electric vehicles and energy storage systems.
▩ Details
▩ CATL 306Ah Datasheet
Item Parameters Remark
Nominal Capacity 306Ah 25±2℃,1C,Fresh Cell
Nominal Voltage 3.2V
Operating Voltage 2.5~3.65V
Internal Resistance 0.18±0.05mΩ 40%SOC, Fresh Cell
Self discharge(monthly) ≤3.5%
Operating Temperature Charge 0 - 60℃
Discharge -20 - 60℃
Weight ≤5.51Kg
Cycle Life ≥6000cycles 60%SOH
Standard Charge Current 0.5C 25±2℃
Dimension 207.2*71.65*174mm
1. This item is 306Ah item, 302ah battery cell's upgraded version; the QR code is intact, grade A+, brand new.(the actual capacity is around 310ah)
2. The price comes with busbars and bolts, a battery will come with a busbar and bolt set (for example, if you buy a 4-piece battery, we will send you 4-piece cells with 4-piece busbars and nuts and bolts 8 pieces studs) If you need more, please contact us online Thank you!
3. Bus bars size: L90 * W20 * 2mm (nickel plated copper) Screw size: M6
4. We will test all battery voltage, internal resistance and capacity before delivery.